The Hunt

The South Devon Hunt

The South Devon Hunt is, as its name implies, based in South Devon. Its country covers a part of Dartmoor as well as the rolling combes between Dartmoor and the coast from Kingswear in the south with Exeter at its northern boundary.

Hounds meet three times a week, alternating between the Moor and the “In-Country” , hunting a trail or flushing foxes to an eagle owl. Visitors are always welcome and more information can be found by going to the [contact] page for details. Hunting is within the law: this includes trail hunting, hound exercise, rabbit hunting and flushing rabbits and foxes to an eagle owl.

The hunt operates a “taster” session rate for people wishing to try a day out with hounds, and a special rate for first time subscribers. Please contact the Secretary: see “contact us ” page.

The Masters of the South Devon Hunt are Louise Watson, Matt Yeoman and Peter Prior. The professional Huntsman is Robert Medcalf and the First Whip is Chris Youlden.