Photo Gallery

This page contains our photo galleries on Flickr.

IMPORTANT ! When viewing these albums please ensure that you set the Flickr Slideshow Options (top right of slideshow screen) so that the “Embiggen (yes, really) small things to fit screen” is switched off. If you do not do this then Flickr will enlarge small images to fill your screen, which will make them fuzzy.
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Most Recent Additions
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This is the album for the current season.
This is a selection of photographs submitted by our supporters.If you have any good photographs that you would like to be displayed here then please send them to
This is an album of images taken at the Dog Show in July 2013 .

Dog in a Bin

These images come from the 2013-2014 hunting season.
This album has pictures from the hunting season of 2012-2013.
This is a general selection of hunting photos from previous seasons.