Open Hunter Trial – Results

A fabulous day was had by all at Holwell Lawn on Sunday 9th October. The sun was shinning, the course was immaculate and Dartmoor was certainly at its best! There was a great turn out of riders and competitors, along with many friends and supporters.  Thank you to all those who took part.

A huge thank you also to those who made it happen, the organisers, the caterers, the jump judges and the many volunteers who helped to make the event a success. Well done all.

The results were as follows:

Class 1 – Under 12 years

1st. Freya Evans (Pixie)

2nd. Chloe Powell (Minty)

3rd. Kitty Brooker (Biscuit)

4th. Summer Lambert-Barnett (Rusty)

5th. Anabel Brooker (Charity)

6th. Nell Reckitt (Sonny)

Class 2 – 1’6″

1st. Rebecca Cooper (Rockey)

2nd. Dianne Cox (Poppy’s Pride)

3rd. Africa Lambert (Rusty)

4th. Verity Holdsworth (Maevis)

5th. Rosannah Lambert (Maple)

6th. Daisy Owen (George)

Class 3 – 2′ Novice

1st. Amanda Riggs (Charlie)

2nd. Victoria King (Foxhaze)

3rd. Karen Corbett (Barnaby)

4th. Karen Long (May Time Blues)

5th. Olivia Retallick (Spirit)

6th. Annabel Hodnett (Alana)

Class 4 – 2′ Novice Pairs

1st. Andrea Riggs (Charlie)

Karen Corbett (Barney)

2nd. Ava Hill (TJ)

Jemima Hill (George)

3rd. Olivia Retallick (Spirit)

Rachel Edwards (King)

4th. Kate Reece (JJ)

Jane Couch (Noon)

5th. Lottie Hornby (Tess)

Rebecca (Cooper) Rocky

Class 5 – 2’6″ Novice

1st. Ellie Reece (JJ)

2nd. Ava Hill (TJ)

3rd. Jan Harvey (Star)

4th. Erica Thompson (Romeo)

5th. Jessica Couch-Finnwick (Noon)

6th. Julie Vivian (Grafitti)

Class 6 – 2’6″ Novice Pairs

1st. Charlotte Rowe (Florida)

Max Jambeau (Tommy)

2nd. Julie Elliot (Grafitti)

Robert Leigh (Casper)

Class 7 – Intermediate

1st. Abi Lucas (Angel)

2nd. Madeline White (Lucy)

3rd. Max Jambeau (Tommy)

4th. Charlotte Rowe (Tommy)

5th. Isabelle Geren. (Diptford Morning Haze)

6th. Marianne Medcalf (Bertie)

Class 9 – Open

1st. Emma Woofenden (Harrie)