Come and Join the South Devon Hunt quiz
Join us and complete a series of fortnightly quizzes testing your knowledge of the South Devon Hunt and it’s country.
These quizzes will continue until the opening meet supper where the ultimate winner will win a prize.
you will have two weeks, as of today, to complete the first quiz and submit your answers to Jo Giles. Once the two weeks are up, the answers will be released and entries into the next quiz will be taken.
£5 per quiz
Bacs payments to the details below
contact Jo Giles and she will email you the quiz to complete


£20 for two months draw entry

The prize money will be a third of each months takings so the more tickets we sell, the more money you could win !

The draw will be done on the 25th of every month starting in May

If you would like to enter the draw then please contact me and I will send you your ticket

You will be entered into the draw once payment has been received

Cash, cheque and bacs payments available (cheques to be made payable to South Devon Hunt)

Here are a few photos from our social distanced Presentation for Robert and Caroline before they departed.

We wish them all the best with their new jobs and are thankful for their efforts with the South Devon Hunt of the past seasons

We would also like to thank Lee Fisher and Russel coombes for their help in the kennels !95664067_2991107814337890_7608827726446723072_n 95666670_2991107611004577_3993867535677128704_n 95699472_2991107694337902_869208725380923392_n 95719507_2991107894337882_3287589610145710080_n

**chairmans update**
Dear All,
I am writing to you following the announcement, by the MFHA , bringing the Season to a sudden end. After what has been a very wet Season, it is very disappointing to have to end it this way, especially with the departure of Louise, Robert and Caroline.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our farmers and landowners for allowing us over some of the best hunting country in Devon. Huge thanks also go to our friends that have hosted meets and made us feel so welcome.
The Corona Virus has brought difficult times and will have an immense impact on local and national business, and a detrimental effect on the South Devon Hunt. With not only the loss of six days hunting,we are also going to lose the Grand National Night, End of Season Supper and all other events for the for seeable future. The result of this will have a negative impact on our finances and ability to raise funds. Myself and my Committee will be exploring new ways to make up the shortfall.
I ask you all to help us financially through this difficult time. Please keep an eye out for these communications regarding future fund raising. Your generosity would be gratefully appreciated.
Please remember we are still collecting for Louise, Robert and Caroline. All donations should be sent to David Ellis with a note as to how you would like your money apportioned. At this time, it appears that we cannot hold a presentation event, however, we will try our best to mark the occasion and publicise it.
Thank you all so much for your support this Season, let us look forward to late Summer events and Autumn hunting back on schedule.
If you have received this letter by post and have an e-mail address that we could use instead, please let us know. ( or
Best Wishes
Rodney Cleave


Hunt Ball

Have you booked your tickets yet?
The masters and committee of the South Devon Hunt are very excited to invite you to our annual Hunt Ball on the 14th December 2019.

Once again we have booked the marvellous Bootlegger’s Turn to dance the night away too!
Although this year we have made a slight change. For those of you who don’t fancy spending the evening on the dance floor, we have opened up another room away from the noise where you will be entertained and can spend the evening catching up with friends!

This is a black tie event so we expect to see everyone putting on their fanciest frocks and dinner suits and join us in enjoying a festive evening??

we understand that Christmas is a super busy time to see friends and family, so why not bring them along? Get a group of 10 or more together and you can have a table all to your self!

with a bit of luck there will be a card machine on the bar so you won’t have to rely on cash, but you will be needing some for the raffle!

please don’t hesitate to contact Anke Ellis and book your tickets now.

we work really hard to put event on like this and we want lots of people to come and enjoy it. Hope to see you there!

more information will be following soon…….



FUN RIDE at Langaller Farm

The fun ride is STILL going ahead at the moment.

Lots of people have been asking if this event is still going to be going ahead and I can confirm at this moment we have made no decision to cancel.

We hope to see lots of you here to support us in one of the last fun rides of the season!

This year we are doing a lot less road work, thanks to kind farmers who have opened up their fields!

The red route is the 6 mile. And the blue route is the 12 mile.

Optional jumps and refreshments on the day !

See you all there ?71850558_2547207278727948_1499192080226844672_n71865699_2547207255394617_8424555871245172736_n